Old Furniture Removal

We have the best solutions for old furniture removal problem. With us, you will find professional services for old sofa, bed and mattress removal. We use the best methods to remove large and heavy furniture from your flat, office or your business.

Dependable Bed & Mattress Removal Company

Removing the bed or mattress is difficult because the size of this furniture is very large. The old bed removal from your home for us is not a big deal. Our teams have many years of experience and know the best way to remove the bed and mattress. The way we use for large furniture disposal is to dismantle them. We are professionals in this work and have all the necessary tools to dismantle your old bed in a record time. As for mattress removal, it is one of the easiest jobs for our teams as they are experts to get ride of mattresses, leaving you with the space you want.

Sofa Removal Experts

Removing a sofa is a big problem for everyone, it’s a really difficult process, even impossible. But our experts are trained very well for sofa removal because we know It’s a hard job for you. We work with the utmost care when it comes for the sofa removal as we do not want anything else to be damaged on your property. You may need to remove your sofa from narrow spaces or from the upper floors of a building. This task can be accomplished by our teams who are professional and knowledgeable on how to deal with bulky furniture. You get these old furniture disposal services within 2 hours.

Always at your Disposal for Furniture Removal

We are a licensed company and provide furniture removal by covering all London areas. With us, you will find a variety of services for removing unnecessary items. You will have our support for removing any type of furniture. We work with experts for removing large and heavy furniture from any type of building using the most appropriate methods. You can find our teams at any time you will need to remove your old furniture. We operate 24/7 so you can call and get your service on the same day. Our expert teams are punctual with schedule and always arrive at the agreed time. We offer you a high-quality furniture removal service with the cheapest prices in London.

Customers Reliability

What customers want from a company is the quality of service. Our company has been operating in London for over 10 years for waste disposal. In these years we have gained the trust of our customers by bringing to the market more and more high-quality services. The fact why they choose us, again and again, is because we are eco-friendly with the environment. We try to recycle at least 90% of the waste and furniture we removed. They are listed in their respective categories (paper, wood, plastic, etc.) and sent to the recycling depot. Some items are unavoidable to recycle and are destined to go to Landfill. Our teams are located all over London and are ready to bring you any kind of service and answer any questions you may have.