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  • High-Quality Same Day Mattress Removal
  • On-Time Old Mattress Collection Service

  • Affordable Mattress Removal At Every Area

  • Hassle-Free Mattress Removal Process

  • Mattress Pick Up From Any Type of Property

  • Mattress Recycling in Responsible Manner

4 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Old Mattress

Old Mattress Removal Service

Old mattress removal without help is hard work. We offer our specialized mattress removal teams which will pick up your mattress from any kind of building. Your mattress can be a small child’s size or larger like king size. You may live in the heart of London, in Essex or Hertfordshire, nothing stops us to come in your aid. With us, you find a cheap mattress removal service at any time you need it.

You don’t have to worry if you’re looking to get rid of other household furniture. Professional man and van mattress disposal will remove any other items associated with your mattress. This work process will be performed in record time and stress-free. From the moment you call us you will receive your old mattress removal service within two hours.

Your time may be very limited due to your commitments. For the fastest solution, you can hire a private mattress disposal company in London. You have our support for old mattress removal on the same day even on weekends. Our experienced teams have knowledge of the best way to dispose of a mattress.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to be present at home for the mattress removal because we can take it either from the front garden or back garden for as long as it can be taken out and does not affect your daily work. One more reason why you should choose our service with a short phone call on 0203 769 1282.

The effort required for the removal of mattresses of different sizes

  • Child’s Mattress or Single Mattress Removal can be handled easily from 1 man
  • Double mattress removal on the ground or 1-st level can be handled with ease from 1 man 

  • King size mattress removal requires a team of two men as it needs heavy lifting


Cheap Mattress Disposal London

Mattress Disposal Service is related to the arrival date of the new one and until then you have to find a mattress disposal company in London that can take the old away within the same day and at a reasonable cost. For this reason, our focus has been on using large vans to have as much space as possible and expanding the teams as much as possible in London and beyond. You can now take advantage of the fact that we own fast-acting local teams. This reduces the cost of the mattress removal and presents our stress-free service.


Mattress Removal Cost

Competitive mattress removal prices in London

Child's Mattress Removal

  • Dimensions (cm) 60 x 120

Small Single Mattress Disposal

  • Dimensions (cm) 75 x 190

Small Double Mattress Removal

  • Dimensions (cm) 120 x 190

It is very important to know that we have the capacity to get more than one mattress at the same time combined with other items. Do not worry if you are not able to bring the mattress to the ground level as we have it included within the mattress removal price. Mattress size is what determines the final cost of the job that starts with picking it up from your address to disposing of it properly in our recycling center. Our professional teams of two people are always ready to suit your different needs related to furniture removal or items disposal. With a simple call on 0203 769 1282, we are able to assess the disposal cost and you can book same day mattress removal. Remember that above all, we come to you at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress Removal

Using a recycling service, you can usually expect to pay £30 to £50 fee for each mattress. Disposing of a mattress through a junk removal service can cost anywhere from £35 to £70, depending on the choosen company and the size of the mattress.

Luckily, there are couple of ways to get rid of your mattress. First you should always check with your local council, they might be able to collect the mattress for a small fee or even for free. Next you can try at any mattress recycling facilities. If the mattress is in a good condition, you can try to give it to any charity organisation, they will take it for free. Also you can try to donate it to any homeless shelter. If none of the listed doesn’t work, you can always contact a private rubbish removal company, they will take away your mattress, regardless of it’s condition, for a fee.

There are a lot of ways you can get your mattress collected for free. Unfortunately, most of the companies and organisations that provide this kind of service will require the mattress to be in very good condition. Depending on the choosen company, they will either come to your doorstep and collect the mattress or you will have to take the mattress to their facilities.

If you can’t wait for the pick up from the local council, then you can rely on our teams spread out across London and will have your mattress collected at a good price.

1st – Ask the company delivering the new mattress if they can take it away
2nd – Book an appointment with your local council to remove it 
3rd – Use a licensed man and van waste recycling company for a safe disposal. 

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